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The Overwhelm to Ease Online Course


Get out of overwhelm and find more clarity, energy and ease.

Please note: this course is not a substitute for mental health care. This course does not provide supervision and Heidi Marke cannot be held accountable for your personal well being. Thank you.


Start your journey out of overwhelm today - don't waste any more time over-analysing and wondering what is wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you - you just need some new skills!

Do you feel like you're stuck in an increasing state of utter overwhelm?

Fed up with not having the energy to do the things you used to love doing?

Ready to learn simple, gentle, yet powerful ways to move out of overwhelm into ease?

Tried lots of things and run out of headspace to work out what to do to help yourself?

This online course is for you.

In just 4 weeks you are going to learn how to take back your life from the fog of overwhelm.


Simple, gentle and powerful.


  • blaming yourself for not being able to cope as well as 'everyone' else
  • trying to work out whether or not to quit your job/relationship/move house or make other huge changes
  • pushing yourself to get stuff done in the hope that then you'll feel better

Let me help you:

  • gain some clarity by moving out of the fog of overwhelm
  • gain energy as you learn how to allow ease into your life
  • release tension from bracing yourself to get through your day

Overwhelm robs you of your life – stop trying to solve it on your own.



This course is for you if:


  • You recognise that being stuck in a state of overwhelm stops you from living the full life you always meant to
  • You are ready to do something about the overwhelm rather than wallow in it. Nobody can get you out of overwhelm - this course offers a good solution - you need to commit to completing the course.
  • You are willing to get stuck-in, open to learning a new approach and commit to daily practice


This course is NOT for you if:


  • You are wanting to be rescued. You are the only person who can rescue you.
  • You would rather wallow in overwhelm because even though its miserable you are not ready to do anything about it
  • You are not able to commit to completing the course (20 minutes introduction video, then short 5-10 minute videos each week)  and the necessary daily practice (10 minutes a day)
  • You have a serious mental health condition that needs professional mental help. If this is the case, please contact your GP as per normal.

Disclaimer: Heidi Marke cannot be held responsible for your personal wellbeing and mental health. By buying this course you are taking full responsibility fr your own health and wellbeing. You are over 18 and in control of your own life.


Why learn from me?


I’m a qualified and experienced teacher of Maths (honed my skills on a tough crowd!) and Zen yoga (I trained with a Zen Master). I know the cycle of overwhelm and burnout all too well, having coached other teachers through it and then eventually burning out myself and quitting my much loved and hard-worked for career.


My journey back to health was through working with my body. I realised and continue to realise that I had been pushing against myself for years, pushing against the inconvenient signals form my body. Learning to tune int my body and listen deeply has been my route to healing and recovery and now to starting to create a life that works for me, rather than striving and pushing through overwhelm.


I weave together my knowledge and experience of psychology, Buddhist philosophy and practice and learning, to create highly effective and efficient ways to tune into your body and get out of your head. I see overwhelm as the gateway to living with ease as without it we cannot think clearly enough to make the decisions we need to move forward in our lives.  




What method is taught?


My unique method for tuning into your body and listening, with kindness and curiosity. Tuning into your body gets you out of your head - which is where the overwhelm lives. I see this as the essential first step to be able to start living with ease.


The method was developed during my in-person teaching and through my own personal journey of recovery from burnout. This course is a deep dive into the method with the aim to teach you to be able to do it for yourself and start embedding into your daily life.


The course breaks down my method into four layers, each week building on the previous:


Week 1

Neutral Noticing

We often want to change how we feel, always striving for better. It can be a revelation to realise the power of just noticing. As one student commented ‘ I had no idea how much I was always wishing I felt differently’ This pressure to be other than we are is one of the main courses of overwhelm and burnout. Learning to pay attention to what is going on for you is the key to building a life that works with your unique rhythms and needs. 


Week 2

The Power of Your Attention

Everyone and everything wants your attention. Learning that you can control where you place your attention is a game-changer. Just knowing you have a choice can feel very rebellious. This week you start to gain control of your attention by purposely placing it in different areas of your body and practising last weeks’ Neutral Noticing


Week 3


This week we add curiosity. Curiosity helps drop the continual self-judgement, the comparison to others who seem to cope much better than us. Catch your mind being critical of your body, of yourself and get curious instead.


Week 4


The final layer is the superpower of self-kindness. Self-kindness is a prerequisite for resetting your nervous system but can be very hard to practice - which is why it’s in the final week when you will be ready for it! Find your off switch, allow your body to release patterns of held tension if it wishing to, and if it doesn’t, that’s ok - just noticing will be enough.


Bonus content

To help you embed this method of tuning into your body and noticing how you feel with curiosity and kindness. Embed and take this forward and start to create a life that works better for you - with more ease.


How is the course delivered?

The course is prerecorded on a high-quality course platform called Kajabi. It comprises weekly videos and a practice audio for you to use daily.


By downloading the Kajabi app you can access the course from your phone making it very easy to just click on the practice audio and not miss a day.


The course is drip-fed so as not to overwhelm you. There is a course journal to keep you on track with your daily practice. This can be printed off or typed into - whichever you prefer.

Are refunds offered?

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds are not offered if you change your mind and are only offered in accordance with UK law. You have the power to make the changes you need to - this course offers a solid grounding to help you do that but you will need to follow the course through as suggested.

What if I miss a week or fall behind?

You will have lifetime access to the course and resources. As long as the course is running you will be able to continue to learn and embed the practices into your life.




What People Are Saying:

“Heidi has helped to stop the whirring in my head! Having suffered overwhelm and stress in my previous career, I wish I'd found her sooner. I continue to use the techniques to get out of my head, which now as an entrepreneur is more important than ever. ”

Kelly Hinds

“It's helping me to transform the way I think and therefore the way I move. Thinking positively helps my body to move with more ease. ”

Corinna, Yoga Teacher

“Great course! Heidi has clearly thought a lot about overwhelm and ways to overcome it - the videos and exercises are lovely and calming, and easy to follow and fit into the day. It really helped me to tune in and explore how my body and nervous system are feeling in a calm, friendly, non-judgemental way, and learn to accept it rather than fight against it. Thank you! :)”

Livia Thorpe, Oxford

““Heidi is a trained teacher and that is reflected in the clarity, simplicity and structure of this very helpful online course. Heidi herself is empathetic and gentle in her approach. I thoroughly recommend this course.””

Valerie, Dorset