The Friday Mistake

friday selfcare work Oct 23, 2020

Are you making The Friday Mistake?


Are you making the Friday mistake? Desperately trying to get everything done so you can feel good about taking the weekend off.


Or are you already resigned to taking work home with you?


It’s time to put an end to the work leaking into the rest of our lives BS!


Your job is impossible. I don’t think I’ve spoken to anyone recently whose job is possible to complete without them compromising on basic stuff like eating, resting and moving. And so even if you do manage to leave your work at work, it still leaks into your life by waking you up in the night, or the tension you carry in your shoulders as you flop on the settee and start to binge-watch Netflix in an attempt to unwind.


And if you’re an entrepreneur or self-employed you know that your job is impossible, but you also know the dangers of not looking after yourself - you are your business and if you go down….well, there lies...

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Time is not an excuse

Time is not an excuse


Episode 31 of The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast is now live


If you've been following this podcast for a while you'll know I have a brilliant method for getting you out of your head and into your body, connected to your heart and taking a much-needed break from your overwhelmed mind.


If you've downloaded my free one-minute audio and used it every day you'll know it's a life-changer.


You can download it here


.....if you've used it. People still tell me they don't have time. It's one minute!!!


Time is not the real reason. Listen to find out what is.


You can listen here

To register for my free live training on Monday 26th October 7-8 pm GMT :


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New podcast episode with Lexi Wrightson

podcast Sep 25, 2020


This week’s podcast episode is with intuitive healer and maven, Lexie Wrightson 


Lexie Wrightson is an intuitive healer, reiki master, spiritual mentor and maven. No, I didn’t know what a maven was either! Listen here to find out.


She gives you the tools to learn to take time for yourself and achieve your goals whilst discovering more about yourself. She has created the nourishing space of the Soul Sister Community for women who want to learn to dance to their own energies and rhythms.


Yes, there are similarities in the way we work! We both had the privilege of training to be Zen Yoga Teachers with Zen Master Julian Daizan Skinner.


Lexie’s own adventures in overwhelm led her to a very dark time around her 30th birthday where the high expectations she had of herself to be the perfect wife, housewife, friend, colleague etc led her to question who she was and what she was doing with her life. You might relate. I know I can.


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Bad night's sleep?

podcast sleep Sep 15, 2020

Bad night’s sleep?

A special tiny episode of Episode 27 of The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast discusses sleep and overwhelm.


Sleep’s an interesting one. We all feel better for a goodnight’s sleep but there are plenty of badges of honour for doing without.


I’m a big fan of sleep. I love that marvellous feeling of having had a good night’s sleep.


Last night I was woken from a deep sleep, no idea by what, and the ideas monster arrived and I was awake till just before dawn. But where I used to be really anxious and overwhelmed after a bad night’s sleep I’m now fine.


This is what I’ve learnt about sleep and overwhelm:

I’m capable of having a really great day after an appalling night - and I’m also capable of having a rubbish day after a refreshing night.


If I don’t sleep for awhile my body rebalances in its miraculous way - making me slightly sick if necessary until I take the extra...

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Success versus health

Success versus health is a nonsense - clearly its a nonsense! It’s like climbing to the top of a mountain and realising you’d left your intestines at the bottom.


I realise that’s a really weird metaphor but if id suggested your legs instead of your intestines you’d have said ‘well clearly I’d have known if I’d left my legs behind because I wouldn’t have been able to walk’ and yet achieving success without full health, intact relationships, a full life is pretty much like climbing a mountain without using your legs. Success without health is clearly a downright miserable failure, much like the whole arriving at the end of your life pleased you’d made it.


And I wonder, as we continue to damage our health by pushing on through the overwhelm and exhaustion to achieve our goals, whether its a way to justify our success.


Imagine you’ve reached your goal. What are people saying about you?



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Mistakes I made - pushing through overwhelm is a necessary on the road to achieving my goals

mistakes i made Apr 29, 2020

One of the many mistakes I made during my highly successful career as a Maths teacher was thinking I had to push through overwhelm and force my mind to focus. I thought that if I got my work done then I could recover later, that these increasing feelings of overwhelm were temporary - that as I got better at my job, learnt all the processes and honed my teaching skills, the horrid fog of cognitive overload and brain ache would lift and I would feel more like my usual high functioning, fast-thinking self.


This sometimes happened. Teachers are fortunate to get regular breaks and unlike a lot of teachers, I chose not to work in most of mine because I didn’t think it was healthy and the intensity of term time meant I was not in a fit state to anyway. I chose to compartmentalise my life into very intense over-loaded schools days and tried desperately to keep home time for the rest of my life.


The surprising thing, looking back, is that although I honed my skills and...

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